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 Steps to fix IBM 92P1160 ac adapter.

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Steps to fix IBM 92P1160 ac adapter. Empty
PostSubject: Steps to fix IBM 92P1160 ac adapter.   Steps to fix IBM 92P1160 ac adapter. EmptyFri Oct 14, 2011 1:06 pm

My wife's IBM Notebook works on the power adapter that comes with output voltage of 16V from 4. 5A current. 1 day the adapter stopped doing business. I Decided to make sure you repair the adapter. Before I repaired several moving over power supplies of PCs along with one AC-power adapter associated with a Asus notebook. I found out that a lot of the supplies had similar blemishes. Often they are ease to obtain and to repair. This Instructable shows the way to repair a IBM Notebook AC-Adapter but with the same principles it might help with any switching power. 1? Things needed AND SAFETYFirst of all you have to the defective power provide, Then you need a new screw driver. It is usually phillips type or a designated blade type, depending over the power supply. In case of the particular IBM Notebook adapter you require a Dremel tool and the cutting disc too. To learn the dead parts you require a multimeter that contain... a couple of? Opening the caseThe IBM Laptop AC Adapter (IBM 92P1160 ac adapter) just isn't meant to be exposed. The case is produced with two plastic frames pushed together and melted from the contact to one portion. To take it apart you should cut the two halfes finding a Dremel tool and some sort of cutting disc. WAIT SOME MINUTES AFTER PULLING THE ABILITY CHORD FOR THE CAPACITORS... <! --INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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3? Examining and understandingStart seeking the parts of the power. We concentrate only over a few parts. I often learned that these are the foremost critical parts. Most swicth mode vitality supplies die when being switched on. At that moment increased current flows on the very first power side. You will see that if you connect in th... 4? The FuseStart with all the fuse. Turn you multimeter to make sure you diode test (continuity test) as well as put the test wires on both ends with the fuse. The multimeter should "beep" and show a really low voltage (IBM 92P1160 alternating current adapter). If that stands out as the case the fuse is ok and will never be replaced. Otherwise you must desolder the... 5? The RectifierNext part inside the chain is the rectifier. In nearly all instances I saw til today there exists a full bridge rectifier utilized. Here it is a designated one located near the ability connector. Again use all the diode test for dimension. From underneath the printed circuit board it is easy to reach the rectifiers friends ea... 6? The CapacitorNow use a lot of our Multimeter in diode mode to learn if the capacitor functions. Place the measuring pins in the pins of the capacitor and go through the display while doing which. As soon as anyone place the pins the particular display shows 0V. Then a voltage in the display starts growing and also display shows infini... 7? RepairingAfter we learned what went wrong you can easily repair the power offer. If the capacitor is normally broken, desolder and switch it. I tried to learn if this was one defect part and decided i would do further testing before attempting buy a replacement. I did not have the capacitor who was used in the pow. <! --INFOLINKS_OFF-->.
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Steps to fix IBM 92P1160 ac adapter.
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