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 Veterans Managing Gets Laptop with Important data Back.

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Veterans Managing Gets Laptop with Important data Back. Empty
PostSubject: Veterans Managing Gets Laptop with Important data Back.   Veterans Managing Gets Laptop with Important data Back. EmptySun Oct 16, 2011 2:48 pm

The content becoming a major crisis is actually over, as Veterans Administration provides the Laptop back, which had Important data on it of throughout 26 million veterans. Fortuitously the stolen laptop seemed to be recovered, but may I ask why the us govenment has this information from the beginning on portable laptops?
Plus its not just the Veterans Administration it is lots of different other agencies too. Identity Theft is running ramped as well as government is to shield the American People, yet if you evaluate the situation it is the government who is messing the most.
In fact the Identity Theft laws need to be enforced on businesses by your Federal Trade Commission, although the Federal Trade Commission dropped two laptops with over 100 names of folks with social security information, drivers licenses numbers, names and addresses upon it, as well as individual financial records.
My Gosh it is a very agency required for helping protect the American Men and women from Identity Thieves, but cannot even protect themselves. How utterly pathetic, you've got to be kidding me, after all the hoopla and press releases and pr campaigns and they themselves neglect to protect their own team around the Federal Trade Commission?
Folks we end up needing a complete over life of the loan of bureaucratic BS during Washington DC. The complications with Identity Theft are that governments fault, how can we trust it to protect us? Consider this unique in 2006.
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Veterans Managing Gets Laptop with Important data Back.
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