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 Various Ps3 Red Screen Fixes

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Various Ps3 Red Screen Fixes Empty
PostSubject: Various Ps3 Red Screen Fixes   Various Ps3 Red Screen Fixes EmptySun Nov 13, 2011 4:07 pm

Are you confronted by a PS3 red screen, as you turn it on? Have you browsed the internet to find any fixes that work, but failed? Perhaps you can try to fix the PS3 red screen of death, the way I do it. This procedure has been extremely helpful in repairing players PS3 red screens; you should give it a try as well.

One of the techniques that can prove helpful in repairing a PS3 red screed of death is to update the firmware. For starters, download the firmware software from the official Sony website. The second step of repairing it is to get a folder made on a USB memory stick named PS3. Give the caption UPDATE to the second folder made inside the PS3 folder. The UPDATE folder is used for downloading the PS3 firmware into it.

You have to stick the USB memory stick into the PS3, for fixing the red screen of death. The PS3 power key is supposed to be pressed and held down till the time three beeps can be heard. The menu screen on PS3 may appear then. If at all it does not do so, the power has to be pressed again in the same way as before. When the screen is visible, install the firmware from the screen menu. Update the PS3 and observe it. You must opt for the method described ahead, in case you see no improvement.

Another easy way of fixing it is PS3 hard drive reformation. In case the PS3 has a corrupt hard drive, it is bound to cause red screen of death. It is advised in this case to reformat the drive for building a new database and reforming the whole system.

Saving your data in personal files is the first step you have to take, shifting it all in an external USB drive. After the hard drive is out, reformat it on either the personal computer or the PS3. You have to hold the PS3 power key down, till two beeps are heard. The hard drive can be reformatted using the menu that appears on the screen.

The screen displays an option of restoring the system which is to be done next. Default settings are to be chosen while following the instructions given. As the system restoration is done, checking for any faults in the performance have to be noted.

These ways might just work perfectly for your system.

You might not have luck with my given methods of repair in rare cases. The only solution is reaching out for the company for help. They would be helpful in fixing it, but in a few weeks time. Luck maybe on your side when you go there and they may replace it with anew one.

It is a great help if you buy a ps3 repair guide. This repair guide costs little and helps a lot. Not only is it a great help for our trouble at hand, the red screen but also for many other faults.

Whichever technique you employ may give you satisfactory results.

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Various Ps3 Red Screen Fixes
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