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 High storage capacity of Kingston Flash Drive and other features

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High storage capacity of Kingston Flash Drive and other features Empty
PostSubject: High storage capacity of Kingston Flash Drive and other features   High storage capacity of Kingston Flash Drive and other features EmptyMon Nov 14, 2011 3:17 pm

Article about Kingston Flash Drive.
Flash drives have quickly undergone significant data storage changes. Some few years back, flash drives with a data storage capacity of 128 megabytes appeared to have a very large capacity. However, today it may amaze you to find the Kingston Flash Drive that stores four gigabytes of data making it one of the world抯 largest capacity flash drives. Kingston brands it as the Kingston Data Traveler and it is a very good tool for carrying the ever-increasing file sizes. The average transfer speed of this Kingston Flash Drive is twenty megabytes per second when reading and ten megabytes per second when writing. The main advantage of using the Kinston Flash Drive is that it is very flexible to the user. This is because the user is able to save all file types including music, videos and photographs. The Kingston Flash Drive has a plastic and stainless steel outer cover coated with titanium for protection. The Kingston Flash Drive is also water resistant. In order to make it easier for users to carry it around, the Kingston Flash Drive has a small nylon loop that has a metal ring that the user can attach to key chains and lanyards. After plugging in the Kingston Flash drive into the computer抯 USB, the applications available to the user are MyTraveler.exe and MyDatazone.exe. Users often use MyDatazone.exe for it holds the data stored in the flash drive. When using the Kingston Flash Drive for the first time, the user is required to format the drive, so the best thing to do first is to backup the application to make sure that it will not get lost. After this, the next step is to select an encrypted partition size and enter a password and a password hint if you chose. It is then possible for the user to mount the encrypted partition to log in after formatting the Kingston Flash Drive.?The users of the Kingston Flash Drive have the advantage of having their data secured by the firmware feature included in the drive. The firmware feature shows the encrypted partition to Windows only after logging in.?Therefore, hackers are not able to access the data especially if the user has a password that is impossible to guess. The Kingston Data Traveler gives the person entering a wrong password only ten continuous attempts to try. After this, the Kingston Data Traveler permanently locks the partition, which will require the user to reformat. If the user does not put in the correct password, a warning appears that the Kingston data traveler will lock the partition when there are three or less attempts remaining. It is possible for encryption to slow down drive performance but when using the Kingston Flash Drive, it is possible to get relatively high speeds of data transfer. For example, the user can get a read speed of 23.5 megabytes per second and twelve point eight megabytes per second on the unencrypted partition. These speeds do not change when accessing or writing data in the encrypted partition. However, when reading smaller files, there is a slight difference for the unencrypted partition achieves a speed of twelve point five megabytes per second reading and four megabytes per second when writing. The encrypted partition on the other hand achieves eleven point nine megabytes per second reading and three point eight megabytes per second when writing data into the Kingston Flash Drive. The Kingston Data traveler is therefore of great use for people wishing to store lots of information in a flash drive.

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High storage capacity of Kingston Flash Drive and other features
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