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 History Of Usb Drives

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Transferring of data was a huge process before 1998 even for storing a small amount of data. There were several researches which was taking place in the United States of America in order to find out a medium for the transfer of data. After several research and development involved by a set of technicians who were keen and creative in finding out a small device in the size of a pen which can be mobile and be kept in a pocket and can store a huge amount of data. Then the advent of the USB drive which is used for connecting them into an external source such as any storage device or an electronic gadget or any other computer supported enhancement device.

The USB flash drives were initially introduced in the year 1998 and hence forth there has been a tremendous increase in its sales and its applications. There has been an immense sale which has been recorded not only in the United States of America but also all throughout the world. These flash drives have been constantly improving in their technology and the people from China have invented these USB flash drives which are even having capacities of over 300 giga bytes. Such has been the advancements and there has been a huge response for the same.

When we insert the USB flash drive to the computer on the port provided, then the computer or the laptop recognizes an external device which has been plugged in to its system and then activates the corresponding software to detect the given hardware. This process then leads to the opening of the device which is plugged and hence on there is the usage of the device. The device is then opened and the data inside the device can be viewed. The type of flash memory which is used in the recently manufactured USB flash drives is the NAND type of memory. This type of memory is the latest technology in the field of memory development and has the capacity to write and erase data at a very high speed. The advantage of having an USB flash drive is that it enables a huge amount of convenience and ease for the users. It can be handy to carry and can store a large amount of data. And also can be used for high speed data transfer.

Thus with the advent of these USB flash drives there has been immense speed in the sharing of data and the storing of data.

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History Of Usb Drives
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